New Zealand

A fishing Trip To New Zealand

The usual sound of my alarm clock woke me up at half past two in the morning. I don’t usually get up so early in the winter, but these are the hottest months here in New Zealand, so I had to rise before the sun. For a brief moment...

Beautiful Coromandel

Catching The New Zealand Snapper!

Once again, I’m on my way to the beautiful countryside of New Zealand. This time I have chosen to visit a town called Coromandel. Coromandel is on ‘The Bay of Plenty’ directly across from Auckland. Why did I choose Coromandel? Well that’s simple. I had found out about the...

Romance on the riverside

New Zealand Romance On The Riverside!

New Zealand is a land of paradise for a man who loves to fish. With great big masses of water on all sides of it, the only problem that it offers is so much choice. Where do you pick a spot to settle down and fish? After our second...