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Good day, World! I’m Chris and just turned 40. In the last decade I’ve been working (my arse out) in a big corporation, striving to meet the KPIs and raise my kids.
On my 40th birthday, I told myself that from now on I should focus on different sorts of KPIs and started looking for great fishing destinations to satisfy my hobby.
I find fishing very fascinating in the way that while waiting for it to bite and meditating over my life, the fish tend to catch the bait just when I catch up with some great ideas. It is a wonderful feeling and a great way to keep a postive mindset. It is also a great way to connect with nature and it easily feels like the Earth accepts you just the way you are.
This blog is dedicated to my wildest adventures. Join me in my journey of rediscovering the riches of nature.

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  1. Gugo

    Axel, apart from previous one I shulod note unfortunately the taimen is much depressed in the last decades in a lot of rivers of Siberia in areas with more or less increased human impact. For example, it was included in the Red list of Irkutsk Region as ‘under danger of extinction’ and in the Red book of Buryatia as ‘vulnerable, data deficient’.

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