Kgalagadi Park

Kgalagadi Transfrotier Park

The large 3.6 million hectares of kgalagadi Transfrotier Park is situated in the far Northern Cape of South Africa. The Park is approximately 900km from Johannesburg and 250km from Upington. In 1999 Botswana and South Africa joined forces to protect the wildlife on opposite sides of the border, forming...

fishing with Dad

Fishing With Dad: A Journey Through Time

Memories are those special gems of experience that you cherish. It is true that not all memories are good but as time goes on the good memories are the ones which come back. It was one such memory that came to the forefront today when my husband mentioned a...

Gran Canaria beach

The Second Honeymoon

The Canary Islands had caught my attention a little while ago. From what I heard, it is one of the most exotic places to visit off the coast of Spain. When my wife and I were younger we had spent a lot of our time on beach holidays, she...