Romance on the riverside

New Zealand Romance On The Riverside!

New Zealand is a land of paradise for a man who loves to fish. With great big masses of water on all sides of it, the only problem that it offers is so much choice. Where do you pick a spot to settle down and fish? After our second honeymoon, my wife had got hooked onto my little hobby of fishing. Even she began to appreciate the quiet time away from the kids.

That’s what led to our trip overseas. With a week of fun scheduled, we packed our kids off to their grandparents house. The kids were happy, their grandparents were ecstatic and we got a week of peace! It was a win-win situation for everyone.

My wife and I babbled with excitement on the plane. It was as if we were teens again. She made me promise that we would take in some of the sights as well. I understood, after all, fishing was a cultivated taste and I appreciated the efforts that she made to enjoy my our experience in New Zealand we found that all of the best fishing did not necessarily take place in the ocean. In fact, New Zealand also possessed some of the best places for trout fishing in the world. Lakes, rivers and streams were an excellent place to spend a day and the trout were plenty. These were also great places for a romantic picnic spot. That’s how I thought of the surprise for my wife. It had been a while since I had done something ultra-special for her.

The day before we went out trout fishing was spent lazing around on the beach near our hotel. I had managed to get some time away from my wife’s line of vision by telling her that I needed to visit the restroom. It did not rouse any suspicions, considering the number of cocktails that I had went through! So, I quickly scooted off to our room. I got my laptop out and after a quick glance through the web, I had found the thing I had been looking for. The specials on wines from Advintage! Another guest at the hotel had mentioned how good it was. And one look at their website had me reassured that I wouldn’t be disappointed!

With the wines out of the way, I made a quick call to the concierge. I needed a picnic basket at my disposal. As is the case with all hotels, the concierge was both polite and helpful. He even offered to chill the wine once it arrived. I was bubbling with excitement. Somehow, a giddy feeling always overtakes my senses each time I plan a surprise. The rest of the day was a blur. I struggled to hide my excitement from my better half. I think she may have suspected something but wrote it off as excitement about the impending fishing trip.Romantic lunchThe day went off without a hitch. My wife loved the surprise. The concierge even added a bouquet of flowers for me to give her! The fishing was awesome. The food and wine just made the day even more special. That day was definitely one of those special days that will last a life time in our memories.


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