Ice fishing trip to Brainerd, Minnesota

What a story to tell friends! As a talented and highly skilled fisherman like the Bible’s Simon Peter and his friends, I recently decided and went for ice fishing activity in one of the world’s largest ice fishing destination, Brainerd, USA. Indeed, it was an amazing fishing experience I will to always enjoy reminiscing because it is so nice to listen to people’s stories about their adventures and trips to great destinations when you too have something to share with them.

I chose Brainerd because for a long time, it has been a fishing destination and the best place to spend the winter months.


With more than four hundred lakes and rivers that are close to each other(within twenty five miles), I was sure of getting a variety of fish and ice fishing experience I have always yearned for. It was a golden chance I have always been looking for. God must have purposely created and intended this place for fishing but who knows? This is a place I will never forget and I will always visit again and again.

One thing that is good with this place is that you do not need to have your own equipment to do fishing. There are fish house rentals that are available and have the gear and bait you need in order to have a great ice fishing experience.

. descărcareTo far East is West. To break away from the boredom that would arise as a result of spending too much time in the lakes chasing and playing with fish, I would occasionally take some time out to refresh myself by dining and wining on Gull lake. I wish life could all be about adventures and enjoyable moments but what can we do? We just have to suffer the consequence of toiling and moiling because of what our early parents did under the influence of the serpent? Woe unto us!

By now am sure you are doing the budgets too of how you will spend there. Indeed life begins at 40 as they say! The great hotels of Brainerd are the places I would advice you to spend your time when you are there. For sure, Brainerd hotels, Baxter hotels not forgetting the Brainerd/Baxter water parks will welcome you like the prodigal son. These places will give you the comfort and the convenience you need while there. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a discount on either half or full day guided fishing trip offered by their Leisure Outdoor Adventures partners.

I greatly enjoyed my time and will be there soon again with my family and friends!What about you? Don’t be left out! Life is too short to be just at home! Add life to your years and not years to your life!


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