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How Best to Plan Your Fishing Week Abroad

When vacation time comes around there are only two things in my mind when selecting a location, the first thing is that I want to relax in a beautiful setting and forget about life for a little while, the second is, where are the best fishing spots? I often take a time away to do a spot of fishing on foreign soil but usually this will just be for a few days or a week at most. Once a year however I love nothing more than planning a fortnight away where I can bathe in some sunshine and head out into the water and catch myself some of the tropical fish that I have seen in books and guides.

When it comes to planning a fishing weekend there are a few ways in which you can go about it and here are some of the best ways that I think you should approach it.

Group or Solo

There is a small group of friends that I am part of and we love to go fishing together, when it comes to vacation time though, and my big fishing trip of the year, I prefer to go solo and meet some fellow fishermen when I’m away. This should be a key part of your considerations and there are both personal and financial pros and cons to both. If you travel as part of a group then you will find that there will be lots of discounts available to you although traveling alone does give you the benefit of a little bit of self exploration and to be honest, some peace and quiet. Before planning your trip, think about what kind of company you wish to spend it in.

Love FishingCompany or Self Sufficient

When it comes to planning my treks on the water I have both used companies to take me on fishing trips and also opted the alternative of arranging my own transport and hiring my own guides once I land. Whichever type of arrangement you use is up to you and it really is a matter of taste, if I’m going somewhere that I fancy exploring on my own then I will often check out forums and sort of make my own plans. Sometime I want to add a bit of luxury for my fishing vacations and when that time comes I like to use companies like Ultimate Fishing Charters who have expert guides and beautiful, luxury boats to fish from.


If you plan to go far off the beaten track either in a group or solo then you are unlikely to find places to rent equipment from, this is a key consideration in your planning as if you are taking your own then you will need to ensure that you have all of the arrangements in place with the airline. bear in mind that to take large pieces of equipment away with you will cost extra money and if you will be making this a habit then it will be worth picking up some light weight and compact rods to use as your vacation equipment.


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