Fishing Squid in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Among the best delicacies of seafood is the squid that I have enjoyed throughout my entire life though I am not as old as it would sound. Hunting animals in the forest and grilling them on an open fire does not give me much adrenaline. Fishing for squid in the deep seas is the reason I made a decision of taking a fishing trip to catch squid in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Squid fishing is a fascinating endeavor that happens at night, and I am glad I had this experience rather than watching the National Geographic. It as well gave me the sensation of being an angler. Local fishing people were readily available to instruct us on fishing squid in the sea.

Most of the tourist spots in Halong Bay offer tourists with fishing instruments to enable catching squid, and it was a great relief because I had nothing on me. I had the availability of a professional who provided me with tips to catch the squid. The best location that had a sturdy light shining into the water and the use of excellent jig that kept them on the move throughout the fishing.


Seeing the shoals of squids drifting around and picking them up as fresh and lively was exhilarating. My trip was during the squid season and substantial shoals of squid were hovering our cruiser, thereby enabling me to catch an approximately thirty squids in a single fishing night.

Additionally, the crowning of catching the squid was with cooking them. I am now a proud cook who can offer you the best squid meal you have never eaten because they offer exceptional traditional Vietnamese cooking classes. As I ate, my eyes were busy gazing Halong Bay at night. Shimmering light from cruises was reflecting on the seawater from cruises anchoring in the bay making it an impressive sight. The perfect nightlife was natural. Dancing, singing Karaoke and, enjoying the local alcohol, I was an enthusiastic happy tourist.


My arrival at Halong Bay was late in the evening, and experiencing the night squid fishing was superb. Nevertheless, starting a new day was also wonderful by learning Tai Chi on the deck. It is a physical exercise and has health benefits as you continuously breathe in the fresh uncontaminated air.

If only I was born in Halong bay. I would spend the rest of my life on the water, fishing for squid like the rest of the population.


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