Beautiful Coromandel

Catching The New Zealand Snapper!

Once again, I’m on my way to the beautiful countryside of New Zealand. This time I have chosen to visit a town called Coromandel. Coromandel is on ‘The Bay of Plenty’ directly across from Auckland. Why did I choose Coromandel? Well that’s simple. I had found out about the place in an NZ fishing magazine. The place is well known for its chartered fishing trips, and it was an obvious choice. This trip was going to be a solo one, and for me a solo trip meant a fishing trip!

This time I made sure that I had done all my research before I set foot in the town. I had the weekend to myself and I was determined to ensure that I enjoyed every bit of it. The draw that this little town had over me was the personalized fishing trips. I had booked a fishing charter out of Hannaford’s wharf.
Coromandel FishingI boarded the charter early and waited patiently for the others to join. I couldn’t wait to cast off! I hated the idea of waiting and spending my time at the harbor. Thankfully everyone was on time. While I was waiting, I watched as the crew got the boat together. They arranged the fishing equipment neatly. As everyone gathered together, I realized that we were going to be a total of five people that day. That is excluding the crew of course!

Our trip started with a short debriefing. A quick talk was given about the safety measures that may be needed on the trip and we were taught how to respond in different situations. I had been through many such drills before but I knew that they were important. The next part of debriefing was more interesting. We were told that snapper was popular in these waters. That definitely got my pulse going. It was going to be an awesome day.
CoromandelIt was not long before we set out. While everything was being set up, I got a chance to get to know my companions for the day. Most were avid fishing enthusiasts. One young guy (probably in his early twenties) was just a beginner. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t help admiring the surroundings. The only noise that reached my ears was the gentle hum of the engine. It made me feel a little guilty about disturbing the peace that surrounded me.

The day passed by all too quickly. I managed to hook two large snappers. One was definitely the largest anyone in the group had caught. The best part about the charter was that in addition to taking a picture of us alongside our prize catches, they also took care of cleaning the fish.

Red_snapperWe all went back very happy. Me? I was ecstatic! In fact I enjoyed the day so much that I booked a second day with them! I almost missed my flight because I was late. The air hostess definitely turned up her nose and told me to dump my prized cut fish aside, but all in all it was a great holiday! One that I wouldn’t mind repeating again!


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