Brown trout in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

Fishing is something you can fall in love with at any age for me it didn’t really become a passion until I had hit my 40’s and had the ability financially and the time to explore the greatest places on planet earth to fish for that elusive fish.

One of the opportunities that several of my fishing friends had already experienced and held a certain appeal to me was fishing for brown trout in Rio Grande. So off I went to fire up my trusty mac and research the best place to go fishing for brown trout in Rio Grande. The area that really peaked my interest was the island of Tierra del Fuego set at the ends of the earth in the southern province of South America and Argentina it was going to be a challenge to even get there. The island of Tierra del Fuego not only boasts of successful brown trout fishing the crazy subpolar climate was something I really wanted to experience.

Tierra del Fuego is constantly battered by the strong winds coming from the ocean combined with the constant cold it means you can face sun, rain, and snow all in one day even in the height of summer. The island is home to colonies of sea lions and albatrosses, penguins and seals. I also would have the chance to see Dolphins Porpoises and the best several species of Whales. Birds range from the common sea gulls, oystercatchers, shoreducks, to vultures, eagles, falcons and even owls. Amazingly the region’s native animals are very diverse and include badgers, otters, condors, guanacos, red foxes, rodents called tucotuco, muskrat and red deer.

As I flew into Rio Degrande airport I could see the snow-capped and glaciers of the Andes Mountains which run west & East of Tierra Del Fuego and have a huge influence over the harshness of the landscape I was going to. This is where I was going to fish and hopefully catch what is claimed to be the best place to fish for brown trout. Walking out of the airport my local guide meet me and as we drove over the vast plains of dry sun beaten land he filled me in on what to expect from fishing for brown trout in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego unforgiving seas and why the locals use the Spanish for the island “Land of Fire”.


Brown trout has a strict fishing season of December until mid-April the conditions would be torturous and dangerous, but it had to be done the thrill of the battle was what I had come for.

The sea was rough and it was hard to hold my rod while being beaten to a pulp by the wind and freezing sea spray that felt like it was going to cut my face in two my hands and body were protected with seal skins but I was still so cold I thought I would die.

Unbelievable my first line was successful and I proudly caught my first sea brown trout weighing just under 2 Kg it was well below the average of 4 Kg but hey you can’t be a winner all the time. I had still done what I came to do. But it was with relief that we turned back and headed back to dry land and a hot whiskey.


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  1. Jackkiller

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