Fly fishing

Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress

 Does it seem like you are facing a new type of stress every week, with something new that you have to come up against? The reason why it seems this way is because it is. The more modern and complex that our lives become, the more stress it invites. While most people can benefit from traditional methods of relaxation, others seek out something a little more relieving. If Yoga and Tai Chi just aren’t doing it for you anymore, below are some great relaxation techniques for you to try.

 Fly Fishing

While you may associate this with something that your father or even his father used to do to relax, this doesn’t mean that it can’t work for you.If you are new to the sport, fly fishing requires you to do very little more than find yourself a nice quiet running lake, stand in the middle with a fishing rod, and wait for the fish to come to you. As simple as that. No need to keep casting, no need to keep moving around, just the need to stand quietly in the one space and breathe.

While at first this can seem agitating, the calming sounds of the running water matched with the birds and other insects around you make for a truly relaxing environment and one where your mind can just drift away. Until you catch a fish, that is!

Learn GuitarLearn to Play an Instrument

While it can seem like a strange relaxation technique, this tip comes in the form of suggestion you complete your guitar lessons by yourself. Simply head to the Groupon Coupons page for Guitar Center to pick yourself up an appropriate beginners guitar and get started with some apps on your phone or tablet or even just using instructional videos on YouTube.

The benefit to this activity is that it is just you in a room focusing on one particular task. This works wonders to prevent your mind from returning to racing thoughts about the day’s stresses and can work wonders for your muscle tension. Of course, not to mention that you are also learning a valuable skill at the same time!

Enjoy the waterPlay in the Water

You read that right. Play in the water. Not swim. Not count your laps. Not exhaust your body until you need to get out. Simply play in the water and enjoy yourself! Find yourself a relatively quiet or empty pool or safe public water area and just play in the water. Jump around, splash, drift, do whatever you like. The weightlessness which is provided by the water helps to soothe your muscles and the sound and splashing action helps to improve your mood through frivolity and general silliness.

Just because they may seem unorthodox doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you. So the next time that you are feeling stressed, give one of these ideas a try. After all, what is the worst thing that could possibly happen? You find a new way to relax and enjoy your life?


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