A fun fishing trip in Cairns, Australia

I usually read a lot when I’m lonely at home.. And just a few weeks ago.. I was reading about the Black Marlin.

I was simply in love with that fish, and kept saying to myself: ” I have to take a look at that fish.. I really do…” Well, as a man in its 40s , I need to enjoy life at its full.. And so I decided to hurry up and get started with another fishing trip adventure.The next day I already had my plane tickets printed, destination? ” Cairns , Australia ” .I packed up as soon as I could, and just a few hours later I found myself in the Airport of Cairns, in the wonderful land of Australia.


I was very nervous at that time, I kept saying to myself.. ” I’m catching that fish , whatever I gotta do.. I’m catching the little bastard”Insanely.. I found out from one of the fishing guides in the area that the ” little bastard ” as I called him, was instead a huge fish that could weigh tons.. I was seriously surprised, well.. I guess it’s because I hadn’t finished reading the article about that fish.. I just wanted to catch it at all costs.. Seriously, I don’t understand what happens to people my age.. Some kind of stress, I don’t know..

Anyways, going back to our story, I met this local fishing guide, his name was Marcel, he told me he was an expert fisher over there, and it looked like everyone in the area knew him.. So I just stuck with him..It was late that night, and I decided I would’ve stopped by some restaurant to eat something.. And as a good fisherman would do.. I stopped by a traditional fisherman’s restaurant nearby , it was called “Jack’s Fresh Dishes” , that night I ate some strange Clam Chowder, (like I’ve never tasted before) with some French Chardonnay wine.. Sometimes I like being sophisticated heh.

The next day , Marcel was waiting for me in the hotel lobby, it was about 4 a.m, he said that was the best time to catch one of those big boys.. I stuck to whatever he said, and so, we rented a boat and some hardcore fishing equipment.. I had brought with me some good equipment , reels etc.. But he kept telling me it wasn’t enough.. After renting the boat and all the tools we would’ve needed, we went fishing.. For my surprise, only small fish showed up until 8 a.m , I felt something very very strong pulling the reel, I tried reeling in but it just wouldn’t even move from water.. At least that’s what it looked like.Marcel started helping me out, and it looked like the fish wouldn’t stop fighting at all, actually, the most we fought the fish, the stronger he got, so we just had to give up the fight, and keep the fishing pole braced onto the boat’s floor, and after about thirty minutes of fighting the fish, (and trust me it was a lot of strength that we had put into it) , the fish gave up, we brought him in the boat, it was one huge fish, it had a weight of approximately 140lbs, and was 3.40 mt long, what a great fish..At the end of the day we had gotten a great fish, and had freed him as well.

It was one of the best fishing trips I’ve ever had… And trust me, I enjoyed every single part of my trip, from the food to the guides, and to the great fishes that live in the Australian shores and offsea.Well what can I say ? For a man in its 40s with the passion of fishing.. There is no better thing than watching a beautiful sunset at the beach, after a long journey of fishing.


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