A Cruise To Remember

With Christmas fast approaching I wracked my brain for a perfect gift for my wife. That’s when my friend suggested we take a Rhine River Cruise. At first I was a little worried that it would be too expensive but after digging around a bit, I found a great “over 50’s” deal. You got to take advantage of this age thing when you can! So with this special we could easily afford a four day cruise. It was perfect! I chided my wife, “Thank goodness we are so old, now we can afford a cruise” My wife was ecstatic. Our bags were packed and we traveled from UK to Cologne by coach. The journey was amazing, and even though we did not go by air, it was worth it for all of the beautiful rural sceneries that we were able to see this time of year. With all the excitement in the air, neither my wife nor I could keep still. The kids were spending time with their grandparents and that left us with only one responsibility… to enjoy! cologneWe were welcomed on board with a cocktail party and a dinner. It sure set the mood. We quickly unpacked our stuff and headed up to the deck to enjoy the festivities. As I watched the water flow by the cruiser, I hugged my wife close. It was going to be an adventure. This was the best decision I had ever made, especially for the color season. We woke the next morning and spent our time on board watching the scenery pass us by. We were on our way to Bonn, Germany. I sat there imagining how nice it would be to get some fishing in as we waited for the cruiser to dock. My wife joined me with an extra early cocktail in her hand. I had never seen her this relaxed before! Bonn soon arrived and we made our way to find some of the well known attractions that it had. We got some shopping in. We dare not return home without some mementoes for the kids. We even found a small decoration of a husband and wife for our tree! A small memento for ourselves, from the trip. The next day morning went by in a similar way. We were now on our way to Koblenz. That’s where we had lunch and then explored the city. I have to admit that we regretted our impulsive shopping of the previous day. Koblenz was full of beautiful handmade Christmas decorations. We didn’t think twice before we bought more trinkets to adorn our tree. koblenzWith Bonn and Koblenz out of the way, we headed back to Cologne. The journey was a little longer and we spent a lot of time on board relaxing and just enjoying the scenery. And before we knew it we were already back to port.. Cologne was definitely the best place we had been to so far. It had an amazing cathedral which we glad that we took the time to see. The architecture was amazing. Cologne had several markets that were just a joy to take a stroll through. The amount of shopping we were doing was making me a bit worried. How were we going to take everything home? I kept telling myself that it is no big deal, as we were traveling by coach anyway. It’s not like on a flight where you spend more money on the extra bag, then you spent on all of the gifts. Unfortunately all things have to come to an end. With the whole trip behind us, we packed our bags and headed back home. This time the luggage was rather heavy. I consoled myself and chose to think that it was the memories that added to the weight. After all, these were memories that I never wanted to forget!


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