Fly fishing

Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress

 Does it seem like you are facing a new type of stress every week, with something new that you have to come up against? The reason why it seems this way is because it is. The more modern and complex that our lives become, the more stress it invites....

Fishing Abroad

How Best to Plan Your Fishing Week Abroad

When vacation time comes around there are only two things in my mind when selecting a location, the first thing is that I want to relax in a beautiful setting and forget about life for a little while, the second is, where are the best fishing spots? I often...

fish on ice

Bringing Home the Bacon (or Fish!)

While most anglers return the fish they catch to the water, some take it home to eat. While this is fun, people need to remember that fish “goes off” much faster than red meat and poultry, so the caught fish must be chilled or preserved as soon as possible....


A fishing Trip To New Zealand

The usual sound of my alarm clock woke me up at half past two in the morning. I don’t usually get up so early in the winter, but these are the hottest months here in New Zealand, so I had to rise before the sun. For a brief moment...

Beautiful Coromandel

Catching The New Zealand Snapper!

Once again, I’m on my way to the beautiful countryside of New Zealand. This time I have chosen to visit a town called Coromandel. Coromandel is on ‘The Bay of Plenty’ directly across from Auckland. Why did I choose Coromandel? Well that’s simple. I had found out about the...

Fishing boats

Tips for Winter Fishing in the UK

When it comes to fishing in the winter, the weather is your friend and foe alike. The colder waters can create a fun challenge, but the freezing temperatures can also leave you cold, fed-up and unwilling to wait around for a bite. Here are our top tips for getting...


A Cruise To Remember

With Christmas fast approaching I wracked my brain for a perfect gift for my wife. That’s when my friend suggested we take a Rhine River Cruise. At first I was a little worried that it would be too expensive but after digging around a bit, I found a great...


Fishing In Florence

It was time for a city break. I head dreamed of this city ever since watching the TV series “da vincis demons.” And That is how I found myself wandering the streets of Florence. Those of you who have been there will know that the city is ripe with...


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For me a great holiday means a chance to get away from the noise and ruckus, and spend some quality time with the family. Somehow no matter how hard you try planning the perfect family vacation, turns out to be a bit more challenging than expected. I always have...

Romance on the riverside

New Zealand Romance On The Riverside!

New Zealand is a land of paradise for a man who loves to fish. With great big masses of water on all sides of it, the only problem that it offers is so much choice. Where do you pick a spot to settle down and fish? After our second...